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Bearing heat treatment technology development in foreign countries mainly consists of
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The use of parts heat treatment quality directly affects the performance and life expectancy, at the same time, heat treatment and mechanical industries of large energy consumption and pollution. Today we mainly introduce the heat treatment technology development:

1, in the heat treatment production, will form the wastewater, FeiYan, waste gas, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation, etc., these impurities can cause serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, the implementation of clean heat treatment (or the green environmental protection heat treatment) is the key to solve the heat treatment of environmental pollution.

2, energy efficient use of one of the most potential factor is the scientific production and energy management, the choice of scientific management is to establish a professional heat treatment plant to ensure the full production, give full play to the equipment capacity. In terms of heat treatment energy structure, energy choice time; Make full use of waste heat, waste heat; With low energy consumption, short cycle of process instead of the long cycle, energy consumption, etc.

3, precision heat treatment has the meaning of two aspects: one is according to the using requirements of parts, structure size, material, in order to achieve the required performance or maximum full play the potential of materials, using the knowledge of physical metallurgy and advanced computer simulation and testing technology, optimization of process parameters; 2 it is to achieve product quality dispersion is small (or zero) and heat treatment distortion is zero, which ensure the stability of the optimization process.

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