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Xiangshui saite machinery co., ltd. is a mechanical transmission parts enterprises, located in the world-famous capital of bearing seat - xiangshui county in jiangsu province. The company has a capacity of 3 million sets of bearing seat and arrange ushering bearing capacity, strong technical force, well-equipped technology, detection means complete, the technical index of the products reached the international advanced level, through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.

The company is a professional production of split bearing, sliding bearing (a), the adapter bushing, outer spherical bearing (a) the annual output of about 20 million yuan. My company strong technical force, well-equipped technology, testing means complete, products of the technical indicators have reached advanced level, products are well-known international and domestic market, sold at home and abroad.

The company products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, chemical industry, light industry, textiles, agricultural machinery and other industries. Variety complete, the material is diversiform, have grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.

The main products are: split bearing SN200 series, SN300 series, SN500 series, a series of SN600 SN3000 series, a series of SN3100 SNU500 series, a series of SNU600 SD3100 series, a series of SD3000 SD500 series, a series of SD600 SD3000G series, a series of SD200E SD300E series, a series of SAF500 SAF600 series, 722500 series, 1500 series, 1600 series, Z2500Y (M) series, Z2600Y (M) series, Z4500Y (M) series, Z4600Y (M) series, the series of GZQ2-72-260, GZQ4-130-400 series, GZ2-130-260 series, the series of GZ4-130-400. Sliding bearing H2000 series, a series of H4000 ZHC2 series, a series of ZHC4 HX000 series, a series of XHC4 HZ2000 series, Q/ZB86 series

Outside the spherical bearing series products: P200 series, the series of P300, the F200 series, the series of F300 series, FL200 FL300 series, a series of PA200 FC200 series, the series of T200, T300 series

Adapter bushings: H200 series, a series of H300 H2300 series, a series of H300 H3200 series, the series of KM, MB series, a series of AH200 AH300 series, a series of AH2300 AH3100 series, a series of AH3200 AH3000 series

All kinds of bearing accessories: Z type rubber oil seal, ZF type rubber oil seal, GS type rubber oil seal, rubber oil seal, TSNG U labyrinth seal, positioning ring, ring, end cover, linoleum, nozzle. The company also undertake various non-standard bearing processing business.

The company to "quality first, customer supreme, abides by the contract, enthusiasm service" for the purpose, welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate ordering 2 split housings

2.1 split bearing seat (the north said his box, bearing box) according to the requirement of the matching different bearing and shaft SN2, 5, 3, 6 series, SD is 2, 5, 3, 6, 3100, 3000, 3100. Series 3400, 3500, 3600. SNU500, 600 series (SNL, SNH, SNV, SNF, SNG, SNK, SNA, requirement, just call it is different.

Specific models have:SN205 SN206 SN207 SN208 SN209 SN210 SN211 SN212 SN213 SN214 SN215 SN216 SN217 SN218 SN219 SN220 SN222 SN224 SN226 SN228 SN230 SN232 SNK205 SNK206 SNK207 SNK208 SNK209 SNK210 SNK211 SNK212 SNK213 SNK214 SNK215 SNK216 SNK217 SNK218 SNK219 SNK220 SNK222 SNK224 SNK226 SNK228 SNK230 SNK232 SNL206 SNL207 SNL208 SNL209 SNL210 SNL211 SNL212 SNL213 SNL214 SNL215 SNL216 SNL217 SNL218 SNL219 SNL220 SNL222 SNL224 SNL226 SNL228 SNL230 SNL232 SN505 SN506 SN507 SN508 SN509 SN510 SN511 SN512 SN513 SN514 SN515 SN516 SN517 SN518 SN519 SN520 SN522 SN224 SN526 SN528 SN530 SN532 SNK505 SNK506 SNK507 SNK508 SNK509 SNK510 SNK511 SNK512 SNK513 SNK514 SNK515 SNK516 SNK517 SNK518 SNK519 SNK520 SNK522 SNK524 SNK526 SNK528 SNK530 SNK532 SNL506 SNL507 SNL508 SNL509 SNL510 SNL511 SNL512 SNL513 SNL515 SNL516 SNL517 SNL518 SNL519 SNL520 SNL522 SNL524 SNL526 SNL528 SNL530 SNL532 SNG505 SNG506 SNG507 SNG508 SNG509 SNG510 SNG511 SNG512 SN5G13 SNG514 SNG515 SNG516 SNG517 SNG518 SNG519 SNG520 SNG522 SNG524 SNG526 SNG528 SNG530 SNG532 SNU506 SNU507 SNU508 SNU509 SNU510 SNU511 SNU512 SNU513 SNU514 SNU515 SNU516 SNU517 SNU518 SNU519 SN5U20 SNU522 SNU524 SNU526 SNU528 SNU530 SNU532 SNH505 SNH506 SNH507 SNH508 SNH509 SNH510 SNH511 SNH512 SNH513 SNH514 SNH515 SNH516 SNH517 SNH518 SNH519 SNH520 SNH522 SNH524 SNH526 SNH528 SNH530 SNH532 SN605 SN606 SN507 SN608 SN609 SN610 SN611 SN612 SN613 SN614 SN615 SN616 SN617 SN618 SN619 SN620 SN622 SN624 SN626 SN628 SN630 SN632 SN305 SN306 SN307 SN308 SN309 SN310 SN311 SN312 SN313 SN314 SN315 SN316 SN317 SN318 SN319 SN320 SN322 SN324 SN326 SN328 SN330 SN332 SNK305 SNK306 SNK307 SNK308 SNK309 SNK310 SNK311 SNK312 SNK313 SNK314 SNK315 SNK316 SNK317 SNK318 SNK319 SNK320 SNA505 SNA506 SNA507 SNA508 SNA509 SNA510 SNGA11 SNA512 SNA513 SNA514 SNA515 SNA516 SNA517 SNA518 SNA519 SNA520 SNA522 SNA524 SNA526 SNA528 SNA530 SNA532 SNF505 SNF506 SNF507 SNF508 SNF509 SNF510 SNF511 SNF512 SN5F13 SNF514 SNF515 SNF516 SNF517 SNF518 SNF519 SNF520 SNF522 SNF524 SNF526 SNF528 SNF530 SNF532 SNV052 SNV62 SNV072 SNV080 SNV085 SNV090 SNV100 SNV110 SNV120 SNV130 SNV140 SNV150 SNV160 SNV170 SNV180 SNV200 SNV215 SNV230 SNV250 SNV270 SNV290 SD530 SD534 SD536 SD538 SD540 SD544 SD548 SD552 SD556 SD560 SD564 SD230 SD234 SD236 SD238 SD240 SD244 SD248 SD252 SD256 SD260 SD264 SD630 SD634 SD636 SD638 SD640 SD644 SD648 SD652 SD656 SD330 SD334 SD336 SD338 SD340 SD344 SD348 SD352 SD356 SD4530 SD4534 SD4536 SD4538 SD4540 SD4544 SD4548 SD4552 SD4556 SD4626 SD4628 SD4630 SD4634 SD4636 SD4638 SD4640 SD4644 SD4648 SD4652 SD4656 SD3134TS SD3136TS SD3138 SD3140 SD3144 SD3148 SD3152 SD3156 SD3160 SD3164 SD3168 SD3172 SD3176 SD3180 SD3184TS SD3234 SD3236 SD3238 SD3240 SD3244 SD3248 SD3252 SD3256 SD3260 SD3264 SD3268 SD3272 SD3276 SD3280 SD3034 SD3036 SD3038 SD3040 SD3044 SD3048 SD3052 SD3056 SD3060 SD3064 SD3068 SD3072 SD3076 SD3080 SD3084 SD3088 SD3092 SD3096 SD3340 SD3344 SD3348 SD3352 SD3356 SD3360 SD3364 SD3368 SD3372 SD3376 SD3440 SD3444 SD3448 SD3452 SD3456 SD3460 SD3464 SD3468 SD3540 SD3544 SD3548 SD3552 SD3556 SD3560 SD3564 SD3568 SD3572 SD3576 SD3640 SD3644 SD3648 SD3652 SD3656 SD3660 SD3664 SD3668
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